How Another Trump Election Victory Could Benefit The Middle East

Trump could again win and this could be an unexpected blessing to the world.

Rabat – Another Trump presidential election win could provide more long-term benefits for the Middle East compared to a Joe Biden victory. With polls close enough, Democrats could once again bungle their electoral politics and bless the world with another four years of Trump.

Four years ago Democrats blamed their loss on most anything but themselves, with the exception of low voter turnout. Russia, Wikileaks, and Trump’s political machinations were the cited source of their unexpected defeat. This election cycle Democrats are trying a nearly identical campaign focusing on Trump opposition while offering little practical change themselves.

Trump could again win and this could be an unexpected blessing to the world, by helping to dislodge US hegemony.

Trump’s chances

With fewer than 50 days until the general election, polls are close in the United States. Despite a disastrous COVID-19 response that has resulted in 196,000 dead Americans, Trump is still a viable contender in the presidential race. While Biden is polling better than Hillary Clinton with 50 days left, Trump is close enough to grab another win.

The energy on both sides of the US partisan divide is palpably different. Trump has provided a platform that perfectly channels the energy, fears, and frustration of his base. His RNC program received round mockery for promoting fear and division, but for half of American voters that is a fear they live with everyday.

Biden in contrast has provided a centrist platform with only piecemeal solutions to the concerns of his base and no sign of the fervent support Trump enjoys.

Racism and growing inequality receive plenty of lip service but few structural solutions. Biden’s problematic past remarks on race and Black issues do not make him an obvious champion of Black Lives Matters protesters. Meanwhile, his centrist policies have failed to draw increasingly left-leaning young people into his camp.

US elections are all about energy and Trump understands and manipulates this crucial factor.

Domestic catastrophe

For the US a 2020 Trump victory could mean its politicized courts impact the rights of millions of Americans for decades to come. Xenophobia and Islamophobia are likely to rise if Trump wins and minority communities and LGBT+ rights would be under threat. US economic policy would continue to follow its blatant business-first approach while public services are cut and inequality increases.

A Biden win would likely provide marginal improvements for everyday Americans. His cabinet picks would be corporate but not blatantly racist or sexist. His policies would espouse the merits of fighting climate change, while failing to enact the required radical reforms. And a Biden win in the presidential elections would continue Trump’s US foreign policy while reestablishing the empty veneer of US diplomacy and cooperation.

Most problematic, a Biden win would postpone or cancel much-needed change in US economics. The US is facing spiraling crises, with 54 million people facing food insecurity, one in four young people contemplating suicide, and a heartbreaking sexual abuse crisis. Joe Biden will not, and cannot, solve these crises. The US needs a confrontation with its corporate-dominated politics.

The only motivation for US voters is fear. On the left it is fear of Trump. On the right it is the fear of white people losing their structural and ingrained white privilege amid demographic changes.

International improvement

Democrats and Trump have been trying to out-do the other in blind support for Israel in the 2020 presidential elections. Both candidates are unlikely and unwilling to dislodge the US foreign policy machine that starves Middle Eastern people and continues its military presence in the region and around the world.

But for the Middle East a Trump victory could result in a significant long-term improvement.

Trump will likely continue to dislodge the transatlantic alliance by offending allied nations and cozying up to authoritarian rulers. Perceptions on the US are at a record low among the US’ traditional allies and as this trend continues, more European politicians will dare speak up against US policy and its blind support for Israel.

While US foreign policy has changed only marginally since the Barack Obama and George W Bush administrations, Trump’s brash style is revealing the bullying nature of US diplomacy that other presidents managed to conceal. For decades, countries around the world have followed the US, blinded by its rhetoric and economic sway.

Even as the US plummeted in international rankings for education, healthcare, social mobility, and happiness, for decades few dared question its policies.

The perfect representative

As former US President Jimmy Carter stated in 2015, US democracy has degraded into a corporate-owned oligarchy where only the rich and powerful receive representation. Trump is its perfect representative.

Trump is the perfect president to represent the US on the international stage. His brash communication reflects how the US bullies the world into following its economic models and punishes those that won’t.

His blatant admiration for dictators reveals the US’ nearly-century-old close relations with brutal regimes and its repeated CIA-led coups against democratic leaders with whom it disagreed.

Trump’s brash style and incompetent diplomats show the brutality of international sanctions and the US’ disregard for international norms and rules. The US sanctions against the ICC, the world’s top court, are a perfect example. The US has literally and practically enjoyed a position “above the law” for as long as the court has existed, Trump has merely exposed it.

Trump’s disregard for traditional allies of the US is nothing but the shedding of the veneer of diplomatic rhetoric. Policy-wise, little has changed. All Trump has done is expose the problematic behavior the US has propagated for over a century while its allies silently acquiesced.

A Trump victory in the 2020 elections will likely further isolate the US internationally and hopefully start a new movement for economic change at home. While Trump might be a disaster for Americans, his ability to destroy US hegemony makes him the best presidential choice for the Middle East and the world.