How Cristiano Ronaldo reacted to missing Juventus vs Barcelona after positive Covid test


Cristiano Ronaldo continues to test positive for Covid-19

Portuguese icon Cristiano Ronaldo remains on the sidelines for Juventus.

Ronaldo will miss Wednesday’s Champions League match against Barcelona after he has continued to test positive for Covid-19.

How sick is Cristiano Ronaldo?

Ronaldo has been out of action for two weeks now, after testing positive following his time away with the Portuguese national team.

Cristiano first tested positive for Covid on October 13.

He’s since been in quarantine in his compound in Turin, Italy.

However, Cristiano Ronaldo is asymptomatic and he doesn’t appear to have any health problems.

Indeed, the Juventus forward has been regularly posting updates on social media which appear to show he’s doing just fine.

How Cristiano Ronaldo reacted to missing Juventus vs Barcelona

According to Tuttosport on Wednesday, however, while Cristiano Ronaldo may be physically fine, he’s reportedly more than frustrated by being told to stay home.

After finding out he’s still testing positive for Covid, Ronaldo reportedly told his friends he feels “like a beast forced to stay in a cage”.

The clear picture being painted is that Ronaldo is not handling his isolation too well.

Will Ronaldo burst back onto the scene when he’s finally allowed to return to action?

When will Cristiano Ronaldo be allowed to start playing for Juventus again?

It’s been widely reported in the Italian media that Ronaldo has a very low viral load.

However, until Cristiano manages to test negative, he’ll be forced to sit on the sidelines.

Ronaldo has now missed four Juve games, including this Barcelona clash.

It’s worth remembering that Ronaldo’s Juve team-mate, Paulo Dybala, missed 6 weeks of action earlier in the year after he tested positive for Covid on four occasions.

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