In Guerguerat, Moroccan Singer Abdelhadi Belkhayat Prayed for National Reunification

In Guerguerat, Moroccan Singer Abdelhadi Belkhayat Prayed for National Reunification. Photo:

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The iconic Moroccan singer Abdelhadi Belkhayat on January 10 called for prayers of national unity and territorial reunification during his visit to the Guerguerat border post in southern Morocco, as shown in a video posted on social media.

The video showed the Moroccan singer surrounded by dozens of citizens raising Moroccan flags and eager to take the opportunity to celebrate, talk, and take pictures with the popular singer.

In the video, the retired singer talked about Western Sahara and the “great” dream of all Moroccans to reunify the country with its southern provinces. 

As the crowd surrounded him, paying closer attention to what he had to say, the iconic singer started saying a prayer. He expressed gratitude to God and prayed for national unity and prosperity. 

All Moroccans should say a prayer of gratitude and ask God to make Morocco whole again, as one and undivided nation from Oujda to Geurguerat, he prayed.

“Despite the health situation due to the virus, I have come to El Guerguerat, and my dream has come true, a dream that I had for a very long time,” the singer said in the video, ending his visit by singing patriotic songs.

El Guerguerat is a town located along the border between Morocco and Mauritania and part of the buffer zone in the UN-brokered — and increasingly in-question — ceasefire agreement in the Sahara conflict. It is also an important road in Morocco’s trade links to West Africa.

In September of last year, a number of Polisario elements settled in the area, blocking traffic for two months and holding anti-Morocco protests. 

After seeking for weeks a UN-assisted diplomatic solution to the Guerguerat blockade, Morocco finally decided to intervene to “establish a security cordon” and restore traffic in the area.  

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