Industry Minister: Morocco Produces 16 Million Face Masks Per Day

Industry Minister: Morocco Produces 16 Million Face Masks Per Day

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Rabat – Minister of Trade Moulay Hafid Elalmy said on Monday that Morocco produces 16 million face masks per day and the country’s total mask production reached 340 million since March.

Morocco started manufacturing face masks after the outbreak of the pandemic in the country. The wearing of face masks in public became mandatory in April, prompting the government to prioritize self-sufficiency in mask production to meet citizens’ needs.

Elalamy spoke about Morocco’s strategy to overcome the repercussions of COVID-19 during a session at the House of Representatives while explaining how Morocco’s industrial sector managed to survive the crisis.

The resilience of the industrial sector

Elalamy said 93% of industrial sector workers recovered their jobs in July.

In the pharmaceutical sector, 100% of workers recovered their jobs, while 97% in the automotive sector recovered their jobs.

In the textile and leather sector, 92% have recovered their jobs despite the regression in the field due to the second wave of COVID-19.

Elalamy believes that national strategies to overcome the crisis have been successful thanks to Morocco’s industrial systems.

“The objectives set for the year 2020 have been achieved, particularly in terms of job creation, with more than 505,000 jobs,” Elalamy said.

The minister added that measures and procedures Morocco initiated in the field of supply concern the monitoring of 60,000 points of sale per day and 62 locally-made products.

“All food factories have been accompanied until they are able to produce during this difficult period, while ensuring compliance with sanitary measures by controlling 7,533 units,” he explained.

Morocco’s achievements

The minister also focused on the various Moroccan products manufactured during the health crisis, saying that the only factory in Morocco specializing in the production of ethanol produces 240 hectoliters per day of this essential alcohol for the manufacture of disinfectants.

Elalamy emphasized that the production of artificial respirators reached advanced stages and the Ministry of Health is responsible for monitoring measures and procedures for their marketing.

Moroccan factories have made approximately 500 respirators so far.

“It is possible to produce 1,000 artificial respirators per week,” Elalamy said.

He also welcomed the positive results Moroccan youth achieved during this difficult period.

Morocco’s support

For small and very enterprises, the minister said that a series of special COVID-19 programs have been set up, including the financing of 69 projects by young people with an investment of MAD 507 million ($55.3 million), allowing the creation of 4,115 jobs.

The industry minister also commented on Morocco’s digitalization approach, saying that the number of administrations that now use the digital order office and the electric signature has increased from 30 to 900 in six months.

Elalamy also said that the ministry worked to protect Moroccan consumers by controlling market prices during this period, saying that his ministry received more than 2,000 complaints and proceeded with 5,000 monitoring operations.