Israel Appoints ‘Temporary’ Head of Diplomatic Representation in Morocco

Israel Appoints ‘Temporary’ Head of Diplomatic Representation in Morocco

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Rabat – Israel has reportedly appointed former ambassador to Egypt David Goffrin as the temporary head of the Israeli diplomatic representation in Morocco.

The political and diplomatic correspondent of Israeli news outlet Makan announced the news on Monday morning.

Israel’s foreign ministry has still not published an official statement regarding the appointment

If confirmed, the appointment will follow the signing of a Joint Declaration between Israel, Morocco, and the US. 

Under the joint declaration, which was signed on December 22, Morocco and Israel officialized their decision to establish diplomatic relations and pledged to intensify cooperation on a wide range of “strategic” issues.

Since then, Morocco and Israel have announced their decision to cooperate in different fields, including tourism and trade.

The agreement includes opening direct flights between the two countries. Both  Israeli and Moroccan airline companies have already shown their eagerness to materialize this dimension of the bilateral agreement.

The Joint Declaration also aims to promote a dynamic and innovative economic bilateral cooperation in trade investment, innovation, tourism, water, food security, and agriculture between Morocco and Israel.

The two countries will also cooperate on energy, telecommunications, and a vast range of socio-economic sectors.