Jewish Moviemaker Announces 1st Morocco-Israel-US Movie Project

The project could mark the start of Moroccan-Israeli cooperation in the fields of culture and arts. Photo credit: Stefano Berca/ Salaman Films via IMDB

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Moroccan-French moviemaker Jerome Cohen-Olivar announced on Thursday, December 24, his project for the first Morocco-Israel-US movie.

“I am honored, and especially happy, to announce that the first Morocco-Israel-US cinematographic co-production was signed yesterday evening,” Cohen-Olivar wrote on Facebook.

“The shooting will take place in Morocco, the US, and Israel,” he added.

The Los Angeles-based moviemaker said he will share more details about the project in early January.

“This is an old dream that is now coming true. Thank you to all those contributing to peace, and long live cinema without borders,” Cohen-Olivar said in excitement.

Born in 1964 to a Jewish family in Morocco, Cohen-Olivar spent the majority of his childhood in the North African country, before moving to Los Angeles to pursue his moviemaking ambitions.

The filmmaker’s most famous movie is Kandisha, released in 2008. The horror fantasy movie is based on the Moroccan myth of Aisha Kandisha, typically depicted as a beautiful young woman with the legs of a goat or camel.

Cohen-Olivar’s announcement of his future movie came only one day after Morocco and Israel signed a joint declaration that officially re-established bilateral diplomatic relations between the two countries.

The two countries have so far signed four agreements in the fields of diplomacy, civil aviation, water resources, and finances and investment.

The upcoming movie project could mark the beginning of cultural and artistic cooperation between Morocco and Israel, further deepening bilateral rapprochement.

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