President Moi’s aide Lee Njiru retires after a busy 46-year career


Lee Njiru, the late President Daniel Arap Moi’s long-serving press secretary, has announced his retirement from the Civil Service, capping a 46-year career.

In a statement to the press on Friday, Njiru said he would hang his boots officially on Saturday, September 11, having spent nearly 44 years serving in the presidency. 

“It has been a challenging experience, interspersed with fulfilments, disappointments, envy, tribalism, backstabbing, intrigue, subterfuge and sophistry.” Njiru said on Friday, adding  “But with the help of God I have come thus far,” 

Njiru, who worked as a press officer for Presidents Jomo Kenyatta and Daniel Arap Moi, thanked the two late leaders for the opportunity and for allegedly shielding him from evil men.

“They also protected me from evil men who occupy every nook and cranny of the corridors of power,” Njiru added. “Many good people, who are rare, held my hand and helped me manoeuvre through the dangerous labyrinths of the dizzying heights of the trappings of power,” 

Njiru said that late Director of Information Edmund Matu introduced him to late Mzee Kenyatta.

“ I hope I did not let him down,” Njiru said on Friday. 

Drs. Sally Kosgei and Richard Leakey, Hezekiah Oyugi, Gaylord Avedi, Zakayo Cheruiyot, Gen. Lazaro Sumbeiywo, Kinuthia Mbugua, Sam Gichuru, and Fred Gumo were among those he honored for their contributions to his remarkable career.

He also thanked The British High commissioner to Kenya in the 1990s, Sir John Johnson, Queen Elizabeth’s and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s Press Secretaries Charles Anson and Bill Ingham respectively,  Stuart Innes of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Gavin Maguire of the Central Office of Information London,

At the same time, Njiru without mentioning names said he has forgiven the man who has frustrated the last 15 years of his career. 

“He is the one who, for the last 15 years of my career,  schemed and plotted to destroy me and my legacy. He failed miserably,” Njiru said “I was protected by bigger and better brains. He only succeeded in making me discover the profundity of my resilience and fighting  spirit.” 

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