Kokrobite chief wants roads fixed


The Chief of Kokrobite, Nii Ofei III, has pledged his support for a recent petition to the Office of the President by the Head of the Plerno and Kokrobite Family, Nii Arde Nkpa, on the state of Kokrobite roads.

Copied to the Minister, Ministry of Roads, the Chief of Staff, Office of the President and the Minister of National Security, the petition said Kokrobite and its surrounding communities were suffering huge vehicular traffic due to increasing volume of flow of tourists.

Nii Ofei III lamented that statutory agencies responsible for roads infrastructure, the Ga South Municipal Assembly and Urban Roads Department “seemed to have turned a blind eye to our plight and failed completely to maintain the Kokrobite corridor roads.”

“The roads have deteriorated so much that they pose serious traveling difficulties, high transport costs and safety problems.”

He said these problems have contributed to reduced production and industrial activities and also constrained the development of tourism that could facilitate “our socio-economic development and reduce poverty among our people.”

According to Nii Ofei III, providing good roads to meet the demands of businesses, households and other users is one of the major challenges of economic development.

He said, significantly, through tourism, the Kokrobite area has a huge economic potential as it contains several beach resorts serving as prime tourism destinations.

“Kokrobite deserves safer and smoother road infrastructure and therefore I respectfully request that this petition will be taken on Government’s priority for the public good and the appropriate action taken to address this issue once and for all.”


Source: ghanaiantimes