Kuwait Joins the Growing Arab Support for Morocco’s Act in Guerguerat

photo: Maghreb Arab Press

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Rabat – Kuwait has joined the chorus of Arab countries supporting Morocco’s legitimate intervention in the buffer zone of Guergarat to lift a Polisario blockade. 

After Morocco’s Royal Armed Forces (FAR) announced on Friday evening that they had “completely secured” the Guergarat passage, seven gulf countries expressed their support for Morocco’s action.

In addition to Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the UAE, Oman, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia are the other countries that have welcomed Morocco’s operation.

In a tweet on Saturday, Kuwait’s Ministry of Foreign affairs reiterated the Gulf country’s “firm support and principled position” in favor of Morocco’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Kuwait also rejected all actions and practices that would affect traffic in the buffer zone of Guergarat.

Amid fears of escalations, the Gulf country called for restraint and the maintenance of dialogue and pacific solutions. 

Kuwait’s call for  a diplomatic solution is in line  with the ongoing but apparently faltering UN-led political process in Western Sahara. Morocco’s position has long been consistent with the UN’s call for pragmatism and realism.

In recent years, Morocco’s Autonomy Plan has won international recognition for proposing a “credible,” “pragmatic,” and “lasting” solution to the decades-long Sahara dispute. 

Earlier today, the European Commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement, Oliver Varhelyi, welcomed Morocco’s commitment to the ceasefire that the North African country signed with Polisario in 1991.

Meanwhile, the Polisario leadership has said that it would no longer observe the 29-year-old ceasefire, falsely accusing Morocco of breaching the truce by intervening to lift the Guerguerat blockade.

Polisario’s declaration came only one day after UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, expressed his concern over further escalations and warned against violating the ceasefire.

Source: moroccoworldnews.com