Kwinana fails to explain why SAA Technical Board rejected Air France’s bid


Former SAA Technical chair Yakhe Kwinana has failed to explain why the SAA Technical Board rejected Air France’s bid when it was in the same position as the other two bidders. This after evidence leader Kate Hofmeyer pointed out that both Air France, AAR and JM Aviation were not BEE compliant.

Kwinana testified earlier in the week on how she went on a luxurious trip to AAR Aviation’s Chicago headquarters during the bidding process.

Yakhe Kwinana says there is nothing wrong with being wined and dined by bidder whilst a tender is open:

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The SAA Technical Board under Kwinana rejected management recommendations to appoint Air France and awarded the R1.2 billion contract to AAR and JM.

Kwinana told the Commission that she’s not certain about Air France’s commitment to BEE and supplier development.

“We don’t rubber-stamp; that’s why I have been saying it will be good if you had the recording. Management did make a recommendation; we did have to agree with it based on the discussions we agreed that the award should go to another company.”

Hofmeyr earlier this week questioned Kwinana on SAA management wanting to award a R1.2 billion contract to Air France, but the Board, led by Dudu Myeni, insisted on it being given to AAR and JM Aviation.

Yakhe Kwinana finally concedes to allegations of tender irregularities: 

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Hofmeyr continued questioning Kwinana on the matter on Saturday.

“As I read this, one of the reasons for not going with management’s proposal is reflected as Air France’s resistance to aligning itself to the developmental agenda. What was that reason based on?” Hofmeyr quarried.

“One of the criteria was that the bidders should comply with BEE and, therefore, Air France should not have been there because they did not have BEE,” Kwinana responded.

Yakhe Kwinana gives testimony on SAA at State Capture Inquiry:

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Source: sabcnews