LaDMA proposes fee fixing resolution to meet revenue target


The La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA) has proposed a fee fixing resolution as a means of helping the assembly to achieve its revenue targets for the year 2021.
Pending approval, the resolution would among other things offer stakeholders and partners operating in the municipality, a reduction in taxes and levies they would pay to the assembly compared to the previous year.
The resolution is contained in the 2021 planning and budget outlook for the assembly.
Fee fixing resolution is a local authority function vested by the Local Government Act, 1993 (Act 462) as amended and each District, Municipal or Metropolitan Assembly reserves the right to exercise its own Fee Fixing Resolution rates for collection and payment into its own local account.
Although the resolution was not made public , Ms Audrey Amoah, the Municipal Planning Officer for LaDMA, at a town hall meeting held in La said it was to offer a relieve to stakeholders from the impact of Corona Virus brought on businesses and its associate hardship on people.
Ms Amoah said it would also enable the assembly to raise the revenue it needed to execute most of its planned developmental projects within the municipality.
The Planning Officer said,a reduction in the budget expenditure from GHC 27,147,732 in 2020 to GHC 25,401,314 was approved for the year 2021.
According to her, GHC 7,694,001of the total expenditure would be spent on goods and services in 2021 compared to that of GHC 7,894,611 approved in 2020 and GHC 12,400,534 spent on assets as against GHC 14, 644,207 approved between the two periods.
She said, GHC 5,306,778 would go into salaries and wages with GHC 4,618,914 respectively for both years.
Ms Amoah explained that, the assembly had allocated GHC 196,600 for four facilities and activities under health and GHC 5,140,000 on ten educational facilities.
The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Mr Solomon Kotey Nikoi, advised stakeholders within the municipality to discharge their civic responsibilities by paying their taxes and levies to enable the assembly to serve and provide their needs.
Mr Nikoi said, the assembly was putting up great efforts to provide infrastructure developments and create the environment for businesses to thrive but could not do enough without funds.


Source: ghanaiantimes