Mauritania Source Denies Creation of Friendship Committee With Polisario

Like Morocco, Mauritania also experienced problems due to Polisario’s provocative moves in Guerguerat. Photo credit: Carmen Abd Ali/AFP

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An official Mauritanian source has denied the establishment of a Mauritania-Polisario parliamentary friendship group.

Mauritanian news outlet Anbaa questioned on Tuesday the news Polisario as well as Mauritania’s news agency AMI reported on November 8 regarding the creation of the committee.

The Anbaa source said that the news was edited in a “misleading way to present a message that suggests that Mauritania is not affected by the closure of the Guerguerat crossing.”

The statement seeks to “confuse the country’s foreign policy” and its position on the crisis in the region, they said.

“The Mauritanian-Saharan Friendship Committee was established during the era of the former President of the Republic,” the source said.

The source also argued that Monday’s meeting was merely a “re-installation of the members of the previously established office.”

Both Mauritania’s state news agency and the “official” news agency of the Polisario Front published articles on the establishment of the committee.

The outlets also reiterated determination to boost cooperation between the separatist group and Mauritania.

The news comes amid tension over Polisario’s repeated violations in Guerguerat, a town near the Moroccan-Mauritanian border.

Polisario’s supporters have been protesting in Guerguerat and blocking commercial and civil traffic in the region.

The false news on the creation of the committee between Mauritania and the Polisario Front also contradict the concerns Mauritian services announced due to Polisario’s presence in Guerguerat.

Recently, Mauritanian press expressed concerns over the “unprecedented” moves by Polisario in various areas in the buffer zone.

Reports cited an incident that took place on August 31, when a dozen Polisario members reportedly occupied spots in the buffer area to disturb commercial and civil traffic.

Despite the concerns, Polisario continued its moves in Guerguerat.

The United Nations firmly called on Polisario to leave the region immediately.

The calls fell on deaf ears. The “official” news agency of the Polisario Front, SPRASD, reported on the organization of a “solidarity” sit-in in Guerguerat.

The protest comes to denounce the “international inaction towards the Sahrawi issue,” the “news” agency said.

The protest came in defiance of the UN’s concerns, echoed by several countries, including France.

Despite warnings from the UN and the resolutions from the Security Council, Polisario threatened to end the ceasefire agreement with Morocco.

Polisario also threatened a war in the region, saying that the presence of Moroccan military personnel in the area will result in a “firm” response from Polisario.

Morocco condemned Polisario’s provocative moves in the region, emphasizing that such maneuvers disqualify Polisario’s legitimacy to participate in future talks seeking to find a political solution for the Western Sahara conflict.

King Mohammed VI also denounced the acts, saying that such “useless” maneuvers will not affect Morocco.