Mbalula stresses importance of unity in the taxi industry


Transport Minister, Fikile Mbalula, has stressed the importance of unity in the taxi industry saying violence and conflict among stakeholders must be stopped.

Mbalula was speaking at the opening of the National Taxi Lekgotla.

The conference is to encourage engagement with taxi stakeholders to debate and discuss how to create a safe and sustainable taxi industry.

Mbalula will, over the next few days, lead the discussions in Gauteng.

“It is evident that despite government intervention to support the taxi industry through numerous initiatives, the industry is still characterised by oversupply, increasing revenue, poor infrastructure and uncontrolled competition on routes. This has become a source of on-going conflict and violence. This National Taxi Lekgotla is meant to address challenges facing this industry and achieve consensus on the blueprint of the future taxi industry, anchored on formalisation as a broader economic empowerment model.”

Meanwhile, President Cyril Ramaphosa said the taxi industry must work with government towards the sector’s formalisation and economic empowerment.

Ramaphosa was speaking in a virtual address.

President Cyril Ramaphosa officiates the opening of National Taxi Lekgotla:

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“We share a common aspiration to see the minibus taxi industry overcome its challenges, adapt in response to the demands of modern public transportation and ultimately to grow and thrive. At the heart of all our endeavours, are the formalisation, regulation and economic empowerment in the sector.”

Source: sabcnews