Mohamed Alami Berrada’s ‘Le Maroc a Venir’ Calls for More Moroccan Youth Involvement

Mohamed Alami Berrada’s ‘Le Maroc a Venir’ Calls for More Moroccan Youth Involvement

Rabat – Editions Senso Unico published Mohamed Alami Berrada’s book “Le Maroc a Venir” to mark the start of the literary season. The title translates to “Future Morocco” in English and explores the country’s development.

The author sought to answer several questions, including what could encourage Moroccan youth to invest more in their country and what could bring women to play a greater role in the country’s public management.

Through his book, Mohamed Alami Berrada called for conditions essential for the emergence of Morocco and its prosperity. He referred to the current critical period as one of “reflection on the foundations of the new development model.”

In a statement to Morocco World News, Berrada stressed, “We are now experiencing a major turning point in the world and in Morocco with the conception of the new development model.”

This time is key for “young Moroccans” living in the country and elsewhere to contribute to the debate with ideas and projects to accelerate the building of a “Morocco to come.”

He emphasized that the country needs to mobilize its talents more than ever in the years to come.

Berrada’s vision for a reformed Morocco is in line with King Mohammed VI’s approach, seeking a new development model that meets the needs of all the country’s people.

Through his speeches, the King has urged the creation of a new development model to meet the socio-economic demands of Moroccans and provide integration opportunities for youth in employment and political life.

Mohamed Alami Berrada’s “Le Maroc a Venir” stipulates that if the state regains the confidence of citizens, it should be able to respect and protect their rights, including freedom of expression and respect for dignity and other rights.

Providing examples, the author called for a legislative framework that would allow women to access the same opportunities as men in all fields, including education, business, senior civil service, and politics.

Mohamed Alami Berrada added that economic actors must be able to operate in confidence, feeling that the “markets are free, protected from unfair competition without corruption.”

The author believes that reforms could work only if Morocco reviews its thoroughly with “genuinely meritoric processes in the public service.”

In “Le Maroc a Venir”, Mohamed Alami Berrada also called for the establishment of a culture of public management and creation of public value in administrations.

Berrada was born in Casablanca in 1979. A graduate of ESSEC in Cergy, France, the author also followed executive training in leadership and governance at the Harvard Kennedy School in Massachusetts, as well as political communication at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin.

The author joined Morocco’s head of government’s office as a youth employment officer in 2017.