Moroccan Actor Aziz Saadallah Dies at 70

Moroccan Actor Aziz Saadallah Dies at 70

Rabat – Moroccan actor Aziz Saadallah died on Tuesday, October 13, at the age of 70.

Born in 1950, Aziz Saadallah was an author, director, and producer of several plays, series, and telefilms.

Saadallah is mostly known for his role in the famous sitcom “Lala Fatima,” starring alongside his wife Khadija Assad.

The husband and wife participated in art productions together, making them one of the most famous couples in Morocco.

In addition, Aziz Saadallah played several roles in a series of television shows, including “Caricature,” “Soura Dahika,” and “Mawaqif.”

Aziz Saadallah also directed the movie “Zaman El Irhab.”

Saadallah featured several of his theater productions around the world, including in Europe, the US, and Canada.

The Moroccan artist, who had been living in Canada, won an award for best actor in Montreal, and another similar prize at a festival in France.

Throughout 2020, Morocco lost several of its iconic actors and public figures, including Touria Jabrane, who died in August at age 68.

Iconic actors Abdeljabbar Louzir and Anouar Joundi also died this year.