Moroccan Coast Guards Recover Body of Drowned Moroccan Man in Ceuta

Moroccan Coast Guards Recover Body of Drowned Moroccan Man in Ceuta

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Rabat – Moroccan security services have recovered the body of a man who died while attempting to cross the Spanish enclave of Ceuta to Morocco by swimming.

The man, in his 30s, appears to have drowned, while swimming to cross the Spanish enclave of Ceuta to Morocco through Benzu, a Spanish city, local outlet El Faro de Ceuta reported.

The body is still unidentified, the newspaper added, emphasizing that Moroccan guards attempted to help the man but could ultimately not prevent the “tragic outcome.”

Moroccan security services took the deceased to the hospital of Castillejos, near Tetouan in northern Morocco.

At least four Moroccans crossed to  the Spanish enclave this weeked, El Faro de Ceuta reported.

“They were helped and transferred to the Tarajal warehouse to carry out quarantine.”

This is not the first time irregular migrants of Moroccan origin tried to cross Morocco to Ceuta or the other way around.

Several recent reports show people from Morocco either swimming to Morocco from Ceuta or in the opposite direction.

In August 2020, a video went viral of a woman swimming to cross the Spanish enclave. 

The woman struggled to swim but made it across the Moroccan-Spanish borders, with two Spanish civil guards throwing her a lifejacket to make sure she remained afloat until the arrival of patrol boats.

By the time the boats arrived, the woman had already managed to cross the international border.

In October of last year, a similar incident happened when a man and his 7-year old son returned to Morocco by swimming.

The man was stranded in Ceuta because of COVID-19.

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In the same month, elements of the civil guard in Ceuta recovered the body of a Moroccan man who had drowned.

Thousands of Moroccans were trapped in Ceuta and Melilla during the early weeks of the COVID-19 outbreak when countries, including Morocco, announced the closure of borders to limit the spread of the pandemic.

As Morocco closed its borders to contain the virus, videos went viral of Moroccan citizens, calling on King Mohammed VI to help them return to their families.

Spain and Morocco continue to work together to curb irregular migration. 

In its latest annual report, published in December of last year, Morocco’s General Directorate for National Security (DGSN) said that Moroccan police in 2020 arrested 466 suspects allegedly linked to 123 human trafficking networks. 

According to the report, police also  prevented 9,179 individuals from going through with their  irregular migration plans. Of these, 6,162 were of foreign nationalities, DGSN reported. 

The report noted that despite considerable efforts to discourage irregular migration, a sustained number of young Moroccans and sub-Saharans are still attempting to leave Morocco to cross to Spain or Europe in general.