Moroccan Government Deliberates Future Economic, Social Projects

Photo credit: Morocco’s Head of Government/Twitter

Rabat – The Moroccan government held a series of meetings over two days to deliberate future projects and develop a roadmap to overcome the economic and social challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the meetings from August 24-25, government members discussed the main priorities King Mohammed VI set in his 2020 Throne Day speech.

The royal instructions will allow Morocco to lay the foundations for a strong, competitive, and integrated economy, Head of Government Saad Eddine El Othmani said.

El Othmani called for the mobilization of all financial means, especially funds, banks, and management systems to optimize Morocco’s “exceptional” investments, announced in the Throne Day speech.

King Mohammed VI had announced the injection of MAD 120 billion ($13.03 billion) into the national economy in order to support businesses, El Othmani recalled.

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The head of government also called for the quick activation of public-private partnerships to finance investment projects in various fields, notably export-oriented industry, agriculture, equipment, construction, and tourism.

He highlighted the need for investments in human development sectors as well, such as education, health, water, digitization, and green economy.

El Othmani urged ministers to prioritize national products and companies when developing private-public partnerships. The head of government also insisted on the importance of prioritizing projects that would provide the most employment opportunities for Moroccan youth.

The Moroccan government and all economic and social actors must show a spirit of solidarity in the post-COVID-19 phase, El Othmani said.

At the end of his opening speech, El Othmani emphasized the need for a “profound” reform of public establishments and enterprises, as King Mohammed VI recommended.

During the two-day deliberations, members of the Moroccan government made seven different presentations of their respective departments’ projects.

The presentations included practical proposals that aim to improve the socio-economic situation of Moroccans and support vulnerable categories.

After each presentation, government members thoroughly reviewed and discussed the proposals. They deliberated over their feasibility, their economic and social impacts, and their execution timeframes. The ministers also discussed the means to finance the proposals.

While the press release issued following the meetings did not give concrete details about the proposals, it highlighted the presentations’ human development aspect.

According to the statement released on Wednesday, members of the Moroccan government suggested projects that prioritize the well-being of citizens and the creation of socio-economic development opportunities.

During the meetings, the Moroccan ministers reaffirmed their commitment to accomplishing their missions and duties in a manner that serves Morocco’s interests and meets citizens’ expectations.