Moroccan in Corsica Faces Deportation for Possessing Decorative Sword

Moroccan in Corsica Faces Deportation for Possessing Decorative Sword

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Meknes –  Police in Ajaccio, the capital of the French island of Corsica, arrested on October 30 a Moroccan man and seized a decorative sword in his possession. The individual had concealed the item under a jacket in his vehicle, according to France 3.

The suspect, who said he found the sword in a trash can, was “reportedly recently reported to the police,” according to the same source. Territorial and internal intelligence investigators interviewed him while in temporary police custody.

The prefecture of Corsica said on Saturday it had taken administrative action against the arrested Moroccan national. It issued an order for him to leave the French territory as well as an administrative detention order.

The suspect can challenge the expulsion order before an administrative court. However, if the judiciary upholds the prefecture’s decision, France will transfer him to a mainland detention center and he will likely face deportation.

The Moroccan national, who arrived in Corsica two years ago, is not in the File of Alerts for the Prevention of Terrorist Radicalization (FSPRT), the same source said. FSPRT is France’s database that aims to identify radical Islamists on national territory.

The arrest comes as France increases efforts against terrorism, with violence and Islamophobia spiraling in the European country. Prime Minister Jean Castex last week raised the Vigipirate alert system to its highest level.

The escalating tensions follow the October 16 beheading of French history teacher Samuel Paty and the October 29 stabbings outside a church in Nice. 

On October 30, French police arrested a 47-year-old man for his alleged connection with the perpetrator of the Nice attack.

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