Moroccan MMA Champion Ottman Azaitar Wins UFC Vegas Fight

Moroccan MMA Champion Ottman Azaitar Wins UFC Vegas Fight

Rabat – Moroccan Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Ottman Azaitar won his fight against American lightweight Khama Worthy on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Ottman Azaitar, a world champion in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), amazed UFC fans with his ability to knock out his rival in a short period.

The fighter spent less than two minutes with his opponent, circling the ring to find the right moment to attack Worthy.

When he controlled the ring, the Moroccan fighter launched punches to end the match in the first round.

UFC celebrated Ottman Azaitar’s win, saying he “needs just 94 seconds to call it a night.”

The Moroccan fighter mesmerized international media with his quick techniques.

MMA Fighting website said that Azaitar was “more than ready to engage in a fire fight as he came out throwing power behind every one of his punches.”

The MMA sports website also quoted Azaitar’s post-fight statement.

Azaitar said: “I feel good. The thing is the game plan was to go for thee rounds, to not think about the knockout. I knew he expected me to go straight away to the front. He always makes the counters only.”

The fighter added that when he encounters such situations, he does not stop.

“I don’t brake. If I get in such a situation, I cannot stop myself.”

The fighter also carried Morocco’s flag after the UFC fight in Vegas.

Azaitar and his brothers, one of whom is also an MMA fighter, always express gratitude and pride while representing Morocco after their fights.

Ottman Azaitar’s brother, Abu Bakr Azaitar, was the first Moroccan to sign a professional contract with the UFC.

Ottman was born in Germany in 1990 to Moroccan parents. He has competed in several international competitions, including Absolute Championship Berkut and Cage Warriors before signing with the UFC.

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