Moroccan Navy Rescues 231 Sub-Saharan Migrants in Mediterranean

Moroccan Navy Rescues 231 Sub-Saharan Migrants in Mediterranean

Rabat – The Coast Guard of Morocco’s Royal Navy rescued 231 sub-Saharan irregular migrants between October 6-8 in the Mediterranean.

The migrants were on board inflatable boats, kayas, Jet skis, and other makeshift means, a military source told state media on Thursday.

After the rescue operations, the migrants received necessary health care aboard the Navy Coast Guard before being sent to safety to several ports across Morocco.

The operation comes just a few weeks after the Moroccan coast guards intercepted 186 would-be irregular migrants on board makeshift boats in the Meditteranean and the Atlantic on the night of September 15-16.

The immigrants were mostly sub-Saharans.

Morocco’s security services have carried out a series of operations in recent weeks, intercepting groups of irregular migrants who seek better economic conditions in Europe.

All of the Moroccan services collaborate together to carry out the operations, including the Royal Gendarmerie, the police, and the Royal Navy.

Morocco’s security  approach to abort irregular migration receives support from its international partners, especially Spain, Italy, and France.

In 2019, Morocco aborted over 74,000 migration attempts in 2019, and arrested 27,317 would-be migrants, including 20,110 of foreign nationality.

Moroccans represented 26% of the arrested suspects.