Moroccan Politician: COVID-19 Vaccine More Dangerous Than Virus Itself

Moroccan Politician: COVID-19 Vaccine More Dangerous Than Virus Itself

Rabat – Amid the race to find a treatment for the COVID-19 pandemic, Moroccan politician Nabila Mounib has shared earlier this month conspiratorial thoughts on vaccines and their danger for the world’s population.

The leader of Morocco’s left-wing Unified Socialist Party (PSU) gave a recent interview to a local news outlet, looking for answers about the origin of the virus.

“Until now we don’t have an answer where this virus came from. Is it the result of natural mutation or of genetic manipulation in the laboratory?” she asked.

Mounib, who is also a lecturer at the Hassan II University in Casablanca, said over 25 labs across the world are working on exports to fight diseases and fatal bacterias.

The Moroccan politician backed her argument by quoting French Nobel Prize-winning virologist Luc Montagnier, although without naming him. She said that “some Nobel Prize-winning scientists” have argued that COVID-19 is a man-made virus.

Montagnier, who is known for his controversial remarks and research within the scientific community, said in an interview in April that the “virus came out of a laboratory in Wuhan.”

In the interview with news outlet CNews, the Nobel-Prize winning scientist also accused biologists of inserting DNA sequences from HIV into coronavirus.

Mounib supported the scientist’s theory, saying that scientists in laboratories found “HIV parts in COVID-19, which means that there was a genetic manipulation.”

The politician recalled US accusations against China, pointing to when Donald Trump alleged that the virus was a China-made disease. She also said that others believe that the virus was made in France.

Mistrust of COVID-19 vaccines

The politician, who said she is a scientist herself, warned against COVID-19 vaccines: “There is a vaccine war going on right now.”

“When we are given a vaccine, it contains a few antibodies, but some vaccines tested on humans contain nano elements of lead and heavy metals, which, associated with the virus and injected into the body, are not assimilated by the human body.”

The Moroccan politician gave examples of “experiments in India” to make her case against vaccines. 

She warned, in particular, that taking a vaccine could affect the mental health of people and turn them into “morons or give rise to cases of paralysis.” 

For Mounib, what is happening now with the COVID-19 vaccine is a war.

She said the world has lived through several wars, including the first and second World Wars. 

The third, she continued, “was a cold war which pitted the eastern world against the western world and today we are in the middle of the fourth in the form of a cold war between the US” and other rising nations. 

Because America “sees that it is losing its leading position in the world because of other powers, including China, Russia, and India,” Mounib argued, most of the world’s problems today stem from an indirect war between the US and its challengers for global supremacy.

She claimed that owners of some of the world’s leading digital companies, including Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, are worried that the human population is increasing.

“Some of them claim that mankind is multiplying, we need to fight it. How to fight it? Not with sterile pills but with direct wars and  bacterial wars.”

With over 31.6 million recorded cases so far, the COVID-19 pandemic has killed over 971,000 people across the world. Some 21.7 million have recovered, and countries across the world are awaiting a successful vaccine trial to help humanity and the world eradicate the virus.

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