‘Moroccan Sahara’: Al Jazeera Adopts Pro-Morocco Language on Sahara

‘Moroccan Sahara’, Al Jazeera Adopts Pro-Morocco Language on Sahara

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Rabat – Qatar-owned news outlet Al Jazeera has adopted pro-Morocco language in its latest report  on Western Sahara.

The Al Jazeera television channel used “Moroccan Sahara” instead of Western Sahara in its headlines, featuring the US delegation visit to Dakhla, southern Morocco today.

Al Jazeera reported on the visit of the US high-level delegation that’s part of the launch of the process of the American consulate opening in Dakhla.

US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs David Schenker led the high-level delegation to the region, reiterating the US’ unwavering support for the Moroccan cause.

Al Jazeera said in its story about the visit: “a press conference by the Moroccan foreign minister Nasser Bourita on the occasion of the opening of an American representation in the city of Dakhla, in Moroccan Sahara.”

Bourita gave a joint press conference with David Schenker, who lauded the US decision to recognize the Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara and announced his country’s commitment to boost trade and security cooperation with Morocco.

Al Jazeera has long shown neutrality in the conflict, using Western Sahara in all of its news stories, opinion articles, and documentaries.

Al Jazeera’s editorial change might reflect another triumph for Morocco’s diplomacy, especially as it comes just a month after Donald Trump announced his country’s recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara.

The decision may also stem from Qatar’s support for Morocco’s territorial integrity.

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Qatar and Morocco share strong diplomatic relations, with both countries repeatedly expressing willingness to continue to support each other on various strategic issues.

Qatar is also among the countries that continue to have expressed their full support for Morocco’s territorial integrity against Polisario’s independence claims.

The country’s  latest show of solidarity towards Morocco’s position came in November of last year. 

Amid fears of renewed tensions between Morocco and the Polisario Front the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamimm bin Hamad Al Thani called King Mohammed VI to express his support for Morocco’s action to lift a Polisario blockade at the Guerguerat border crossing and restore commercial and civil traffic in the area.

Most recently, the Qatari emir reiterated his position in a joint statement with Gulf leaders who participated in the 41s GCC Summit.

The summit was held earlier this week and saw Al Thani fly to Saudi Arabia. The summit marked the reconciliation between Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and other Gulf countries that imposed a blockade against Doha in 2017.

At this week’s GCC summit, Gulf countries reiterated their unwavering support for Morocco’s cause, notably siding with Morocco’s lifting of the blockade in Guerguerat and acknowledging its contribution to ensuring peace and stability in the region.

Source: moroccoworldnews.com