Moroccan Travel: The 5 Best Places for Hiking in Morocco


Only a few countries offer a diverse variety of landscapes and panoramas as impressive as Morocco’s, which makes the North African country an important travel destination for tourists from across the world who enjoy true adventuring. Morocco offers some of the best places to enjoy outdoor activities, from surfing blue waters to trekking the Sahara desert to hiking magnificent hills and mountains.

Beyond its historic cities and unique and delectable cuisine, Morocco has some of the best hiking locations where you can enjoy dramatic rocky coastlines, snow-capped mountains, lush green valleys, and beautiful natural scenery.

Additionally, hiking Morocco’s mountains benefit the body, mind, and soul. It is a “must” for nature lovers traveling to the country.

Through hiking intriguing trails, you will get the chance to learn more about Morocco’s geography and nature. You will also get to explore history, culture, traditions, and language by interacting with locals of the remote Amazigh (Berber) villages in the mountains. These are the best places for hiking in Morocco that every outdoor adventurer should visit.

Jebel Toubkal

Toubkal National Park. Photo: Toni Wohrl

Visited by thousands of tourists yearly, Toubkal National Park is one of the most famous hiking destinations in Morocco. It has the highest peak in North Africa and the Arab world at 4,167 meters above sea level.

The outstanding mountain, located south of the tourist city of Marrakech, can be challenging to hike yet worth the time. Your tenacity will reward you with breathtaking High Atlas Mountain panoramas and a chance to explore volcanic rocks, narrow valleys, and small, remote lakes.

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Tourists and hikers start their adventure either from Marrakech or from the near village of Imlil, a two-hour drive from Marrakech and located in the High Atlas Mountains at 1,800 meters above sea level. It is possible to summit Mount Toubkal in two days in summer and spring. However, you can also take more time to let your body acclimate to the altitude and, while you’re at it, explore traces of a historic civilization as well as enjoy admirable scenery.

M’goun Massif

The third highest peak in the country after Toubkal and Ouanoukrim, at 4,071 meters, M’goun Massif is located in the Ait Bougmez Valley near the Sahara desert. Despite restrictions on hiking during winter because of the harsh weather, it is one of the best places to hike in Morocco during summer and spring. Just be sure to bring a trusted guide and the right equipment for a multiday authentic adventure in rural Morocco.

Moroccans know the largely unexploited area for its gorgeous views and less challenging paths. Decorated with flowers, rivers, and valleys, it takes about four to five days to trek through, giving hikers a memorable and relaxing experience.

On M’goun Massif you will also get to learn more about Morocco and Amazigh culture from the villages under fortresses, where you will see lively children running around and humble and friendly locals working in the terraced fields, going about their day.

Rif Mountains

The 5 Best Places for Hiking in MoroccoThe Rif Mountains, Morocco. Photo: Pixabay

Rif Mountain range is its own set of gorgeous hiking destinations, undeniably one of the best places in Morocco for outdoor adventurers. The range offers beautiful natural scenery, cedar forests, and coastal views. The Rif Mountains also allow the opportunity to explore Morocco’s blue pearl, Chefchaouen.

Most tourists and adventurers like to start their Rif Mountain hike in Morocco’s blue-washed town and head toward Ras El-Ma River in a one-day trip. However, you have multiple options depending on how long you want your hiking trip to be and which type of trail you prefer.  

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You can also hike to Jbel el-Kalaa, which is a more challenging route. For overnight hiking trips, there is Talassemtane National Park, where you will get to enjoy an abundance of breathtaking panoramas of mountain ranges, forests, valleys, and rivers.

Jebel Saghro

The 5 Best Places for Hiking in MoroccoJebel Saghro, Morocco. Photo: EL-Boukhou

Jebel Saghro or Sahro in southern Morocco is a mountain range quite different from others across the country. Saghro comes from “Sayru,” which means drought in the Amazigh (Berber) language. The name accurately represents the area, considered the driest in Morocco.

Adventurers know this mountain range for its harsh desert landscapes, authentic villages under ancient kasbahs, and lush valleys. Its relatively low-elevation trails and mild temperature make the mountain range a less difficult hiking destination than Toubkal, although it still offers panoramas as gorgeous and breathtaking as Morocco’s most famous mountain.

The highest summit of the range is Amalou n’Mansour at 2,712 meters. Another important peak is that of Tizi n’Tazazert, at 2,283 meters above sea level. These mountains’ moderate-difficulty routes make the range easier to climb in a shorter time than some other destinations. One of the best places for hiking in Morocco, Jebel Saghro offers wonderful winter landscapes with deep canyons, volcanic peaks, cave paintings, and historic kasbahs. You will also get to experience warm hospitality from local Amazigh villagers.

Jebel Sirwa

The 5 Best Places for Hiking in MoroccoJebel Sirwa, Morocco. Photo: Nawfal Kharbach

Jebel Sirwa or Siroua is another amazing hiking gem in Morocco that should feature on any hiking lover’s travel list. Located between the High Atlas Mountains and the Anti-Atlas, Sirwa is an old volcano that rises over 3,300 meters above sea level.

Depending on the route you choose, you can spend either two days or four to five days in the less populated mountain range to explore intriguing trails, memorable natural beauty, and beautiful countryside towns such as Taliouine.

Hiking through Jebel Sirwa you can also visit the valleys and fields where Amazigh people grow precious Moroccan saffron, explore the history and tradition of the area, and indulge in traditional meals made with natural and local ingredients such as saffron all while enjoying the scenery.

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Morocco offers a variety of wonderful places for hiking that any adventurer should consider for their best travel itinerary. These are some of the best places to enjoy pleasant and diverse nature, as well as explore Morocco’s history and rich culture.

Before your hiking trip in Morocco, it is important to come prepared physically and with the right equipment. It is always a good idea to hire a local, licensed mountain guide to ensure your safety and the quality of your trip and to have a memorable and relaxing experience in Morocco.