Morocco Arrests 3 For Human Trafficking in Casablanca

Morocco Arrests 3 For Human Trafficking in Casablanca. Photo: DGSN

Rabat – Morocco’s police arrested on Sunday in Casablanca three suspects for their alleged involvement in a case of fraud, organization of irregular migration, and human trafficking.

Police intercepted the suspects, aged between 36 and 56, after receiving a complaint from three victims, a statement from the General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) said on Monday.

The suspects “made their victims beleive that they were organizing an illegal immigration operation to the European coasts in return for 15,000 dirhams ($1,500) for each candidate.”

Searches in a store in the Al Azhar district in Casablanca enabled police to seize seven jet skis, seven zodiac-type boats, five other boats, 10 marine engines, and five cartridges for hunting rifles.

Police put the defendants in custody for further investigations to determine the circumstances of the case and its ramifications and potential links with irregular migration networks.

The recent operation is in line with Morocco’s approach seeking to combat unlawful migration and human trafficking.

Morocco has recently arrested a score of suspects involved in human trafficking and irregular migration.

On Wednesday last week, police arrested four people for their alleged involvement in human trafficking and irregular migration in Rabat’s twin city, Sale.

Last year, Moroccan security services aborted more than 74,000 undocumented migration attempts.

DGSN services alone arrested 27,317 would-be migrants last year, including 20,141 foreign nationals.

Moroccans represented 26% of those arrested trying to immigrate without documents.