Morocco Arrests Man for Attempting to Kidnap, Assault Child in Tangier

Morocco Arrests Man for Attempting to Kidnap, Assault Child in Tangier

Rabat – Moroccan police in the city of Tangier arrested on Saturday a suspect for his alleged involvement in attempting to kidnap and assault an 11-year-old child.

Preliminary investigation shows that the 36-year-old man established a virtual relationship with the minor through Facebook, before convincing the child to meet him in a public garden.

A statement from the General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) said that police arrested the suspect in coordination with the victim’s father.

During the arrest, the suspect was in possession of several gifts that he intended to offer the child.

Tangier police put the suspect in custody for further investigation to determine the circumstances of the attempted kidnapping and assault.

The arrest follows that of a 24-year-old man who raped and murdered an 11-year-old boy, Adnane, in the same city.

The family of the victim posted several posters of the boy online as he was missing for several days. The family also posted a video from a surveillance camera, showing Adnane with a stranger.

Days after search and investigation, Tangier police arrested a suspect, who led them to where he buried Adnane.

The man buried the child in the same neighborhood where Adnane’s family lives and shaved his beard to avoid suspicion.

Police arrested three other suspects that lived with the main defendant for not reporting the crime as his photos were viral on social media.

The 24-year-old defendant also sent a text message to the father of the victim, asking for ransom after murdering the little boy.

The rape and murder of 11-year-old Adnane sparked backlash, anger, and sadness among Moroccan citizens and public figures.

The anger led some Moroccans to urge the government to reactivate the death penalty as punishment against such criminals.

Citizens also launched a petition to collect a million signatures calling for the execution of the criminal.

Article 474 of Morocco’s penal code stipulates that the kidnapping of a minor is punishable with the death penalty if the victim dies.