Morocco Arrests Suspect for Indecent Assault on Minor in Fez

Morocco Arrests Suspect for Indecent Assault on Minor in Fez

Rabat – Police arrested on Sunday a suspect for his alleged involvement in an indecent assault on a 15-year old girl in Fez.

A statement from Morocco’s General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) announced that the girl left her family’s house in “suspicious circumstances.”

The mother filed a search request to the police to find her missing daughter. Investigations resulted in the arrest of a 20-year old man in Fez, and the police later found the girl at his house located in Sidi Boujida in Fez.

Preliminary investigation shows that the suspect “lured the minor through social networks.”

He then set up an appointment with her for Saturday, when she accompanied him to his house.

The DGSN reported that he committed an indecent assault without using violence against the minor.

Police put the man in custody, pending further investigation to determine the circumstances of the case.

The incident took place in a troubled context as Morocco dealt with a tragic violent crime. On Friday authorities found the remains of a 11-year old boy buried in a garden next to his house after he was raped and murdered in Tangier.

Police arrested a 24-year old man for his involvement in the kidnap, rape, and murder along with three suspects who did not report on the crime.

Security services also arrested a man in his 30s in Tangier, for attempting to kidnap a 11-year old boy. 

The man reached the minor via Facebook, from where he set up a meeting between the two of them. 

The father of the boy coordinated with the police to arrest the suspect. During the arrest, the suspect was carrying several toys that he wanted to give to the 11-year old boy.

The worrying trend of pedophilia and violent sexual assualts ascenddanton minors  has worried and angered Moroccans, with many asking for the death penalty for the murderer of the 11-year old boy in Tangier.

Locals in Tangier also protested on Sunday, asking for the severest of punishments for the 24-year man.