Morocco Arrests Three for Human Trafficking Near Kenitra

Morocco Arrests Three for Human Trafficking Near Kenitra

Rabat – Morocco’s police arrested on Monday three suspects for their alleged links with a criminal network active in irregular migration and human trafficking.

Police arrested the suspects during a security operation in the Kasbah district of Mehdia, an area near Kenitra, a statement from the General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) said.

The suspects, aged between 31 and 33, include an individual with a criminal record.

Security services arrested the individuals for their alleged involvement in the organization of an unlawful migration operation by sea for 11 would-be irregular migrants.

The candidates for migration include two minors.

Search operations enabled police to seize knives as well as sums of money in Morocco’s national currency and euros.

During the operation, police also arrested three of the would-be migrants.

They put the six individuals in custody for further investigation to determine the circumstances of the case and to arrest possible accomplices.

A preliminary investigation is also ongoing regarding the other potential irregular migrants, the DGSN said.

Morocco’s police have carried out several operations to arrest suspects involved in human trafficking networks over the years.

In a similar recent operation, police arrested six sub-Saharan migrants in Dakhla on September 22 after a video went viral on messaging applications showing an individual with his hands and feet tied.

DGSN said that an investigation enabled security services to identify the victim as well as another individual who the suspects had also abducted.

The operations are part of Morocco’s efforts against irregular migration and human trafficking from its borders.

Police arrested 27,317 would-be irregular migrants last year. The number included 20,141 foreign nationals.

Moroccan migrants represented 26% of the arrested defendants.

In 2019, Morocco also aborted more than 74,000 undocumented migration attempts.