Morocco Becomes Exclusive Producer of New Dacia Sandero Car Model

This is the first time that Morocco is the exclusive producer of a Dacia car model. Credit: Dacia

French automobile manufacturer Renault has decided to move the production of its third-generation Dacia Sandero cars from Romania to Morocco.

The model, initially produced in Mioveni, Romania — the birthplace of Dacia — will become exclusively produced in Morocco.

The production of the Dacia Sandero model will completely shift from the Renault Dacia plant in Mioveni to the Moroccan plants in Tangier and Casablanca.

According to Romania Insider, this is the first time that Renault has completely moved the production of a car model from Romania to another country.

According to the company, the move aims to allow the Romanian plant to focus on the production of higher added value car models, along with the budget-friendly Dacia Logan.

However, the decision could also be influenced by the quality of the Moroccan workforce and industrial infrastructure, as well as the important market share that Renault, and especially its Dacia brand, have in Morocco.

Renault inaugurated in 2011 its first Moroccan production plant, SOMACA, in Casablanca. One year later, the company inaugurated a new production unit in Tangier.

Since then, the Moroccan plants have significantly contributed to the growth of the Dacia brand, through producing Lodgy, Dokker, Logan, and Sandero models.

In the first half of 2020, Renault Maroc recorded a 43% combined market share in Morocco. The Dacia brand is the main contributor to Renault’s success in the country, followed by the Renault brand.

The company’s top three vehicle sales in Morocco are, in order, Dacia Sandero, Dacia Dokker, and Dacia Logan.

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