Morocco Condemns HRW Attempts to Undermine Its Territorial Integrity

Morocco Condemns HRW Attempts to Undermine Its Territorial Integrity

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Rabat – Morocco’s government has  issued a press release to refuse a number of allegations Human Rights Watch (HRW) printed in its recent report on Western Sahara.

Human Rights Watch contested the peaceful nature of Morocco’s actions in Guerguerat, near the Moroccan Mauritanian border, in a November press release.

In late October, a number of Polisario elements blockaded the crossing point between Morocco and Mauritania, leaving truck drivers trapped for more than three weeks and  hindering the economies of several countries in West Africa— including Mauritania.

Morocco’s Royal Armed Forces intervened in Guerguerat on November 13 to  lift the Polisario blockade and restore commercial and civil traffic at the crossing point. 

While many countries have issued statements lauding Morocco’s peaceful actions, Human Rights Watch described Rabat’s intervention as a “crackdown” .

The statement also criticized the US’s decision to recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara, echoing Algeria and South Africa’s allegations that the recognition does not change the region’s status.

‘Not based on real fact’ 

In response, Morocco’s government slammed the human rights NGO, describing its report as an “attempt” to undermine the country’s territorial integrity and its increasing diplomatic gains.

A press release from a body of the Moroccan government in charge of human rights said HRW’s statement promotes a political discourse hosite to Morocco’s territorial integrity.

HRW’s narrative is politically motivated and is  “not based on any real facts,” the government stressed. It described HRW’s statement as  “an attempt to impart a human rights character to its discourse.” 

The press release recalled that Morocco’s royal Armed Forces only intervened after the UN failed to convince Polisario elements to leave the restricted area and refrain from causing escalations.  

“This peaceful and balanced intervention to reopen this vital road linking the European and African continents for centuries has won the absolute support from the international community,” the government argued.

Rabat also condemned the HRW’s interference in Morocco’s bilateral relations, lambasting its comments on the US and Morocco’s  sovereign decisions” on the status of Western Sahara.

“The recognition by the United States of America of the Moroccan Sahara constitutes an extension of its continuous support for the Moroccan initiative for autonomy since its presentation in 2007 to the United Nations.”