Morocco Establishes 15 New ‘Communal’ Schools in Atlas Mountains

Communal schools typically provide education for students from several remote villages.

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Morocco has inaugurated 15 new “communal” schools in rural areas for the 2020-2021 school year, Minister of Education Saaid Amzazi announced.

Communal schools are institutions located in remote regions across Morocco, notably in the Atlas Mountains. They are typically built in a spot that allows children from several rural villages to access them. They also usually provide all levels of education, from primary to secondary. Some of the schools provide accommodations, as well, for teachers and students who live far away.

Amzazi announced the opening of 15 schools this year during his visit to one of the institutions in Anfgou, central Morocco, on October 31.

After inspecting the school’s facilities, the minister qualified the establishment as “exemplary” and said it will offer motivating schooling conditions and create a climate conducive for students’ success.

Amzazi also said his visit to the small village of Anfgou in the Atlas Mountains has “a strong symbolic significance” and that King Mohammed VI gives “great importance” to this region of Morocco.

The education minister also monitored the supply of the communal school with firewood. The material is highly important due to the cold wave that hits the Atlas Mountains every year.

So far, Amzazi affirmed, Morocco’s strategy of building communal schools has yielded positive results. One indicator of the schools’ success is the “very satisfactory” rate of schooling for girls.

According to the minister, 100% of girls in the region complete primary school, 90% finish middle school, and 70% achieve high school.

During the visit, the Ministry of Education donated 100 electronic tablets to the school of Anfgou in order to create a digital library for students. The ministry also distributed textbooks and school bags.