Morocco Extends Lockdown Measures in Casablanca for 2 More Weeks

Morocco Extends Lockdown Measures in Casablanca for 2 More Weeks. Photo: DGSN

Rabat – The Moroccan government announced on Thursday its decision to extend firm lockdown measures in the city of Casablanca for more 14 days.

The new extension will enter into force on October 5. This is the second time the city has issued an extension.

The government announced the decision after the weekly cabinet council.

Maghreb Arab Press (MAP) announced that Morocco will continue to apply the same measures announced on September 7 in the city.

The lockdown measures include the closure of Casablanca’s entries and exits.

People wishing to travel to and from Casablanca need an exceptional movement permit signed by local authorities.

Local markets should still close their doors at 3 p.m. while cafes and shops should close at 8 p.m.

Restaurants must close at 9 p.m.

The measures also include the adoption of a night curfew. The city’s residents should only go out between 5 a.m. and 10 p.m.

Health and safety workers and other authorized workers can bypass the curfew hours. They should, however, obtain a signed exceptional movement permit from local authorities.

Despite maintaining most of Casablanca’s firm lockdown measures, the government announced the reopening of schools starting October 5.

Children whose parents chose in-person education can attend on-site.

The decision is based on the results of daily monitoring operations and regular assessments from the committees monitoring the COVID-19 situation across Morocco.

Casablanca continues to top the list of the country’s hard-hit cities with COVID-19 cases.

Morocco confirmed a total of 120,044 COVID-19 cases as of October 1, including 2,229 deaths, and 104,136 recoveries.

The number of active cases reached on Thursday 19,679 with 15.61% receiving treatment.