Morocco Hosts Second Round of Inter-Libyan Talks in Bouznika

Morocco Hosts Second Round of Inter-Libyan Talks in Bouznika.Photo: Foreign Affairs Ministry

Rabat – Morocco is hosting the second round of inter-Libyan dialogue, convening delegations from Libya’s High Council of State and House of Representatives in Bouznika, near Rabat.

The talks started on Friday evening as part of the decision of Libyan parties to resume dialogue to find a political solution to the Libya conflict.

On Saturday, Driss Omran, a member of the Libyan House of Representatives delegation, said the meeting took place in a “climate of understanding and consensus.”

He said the parties of the conflict will continue meetings to reach a consensus on all measures relating to Article 15 of the Libyan political agreement outlined in the 2015 Skhirat agreement.

Fawzi Al Agab is leading the delegation of the Libyan High Council of State during the second round of talks in Bouznika. Youssef El Akkori is representing the Libyan House of Representatives.

The talks come after both parties agreed during the first round of discussions from September 6-10 to resume dialogue to complete the necessary measures that guarantee the application and the activation of the agreement.

The hosting of the talks is in line with Morocco’s approach to the crisis, seeking to bring together the rival parties under the appropriate conditions and climate to achieve a comprehensive political solution in Libya.

Morocco expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the first round of talks between the rival parties in Bouznika.

Last month, Morocco’s Minister of Foreign Affairs said that dialogue and meetings between the parties could push for a “definitive solution” in Libya.

The Moroccan minister also renewed the country’s position regarding the conflict, reiterating Rabat’s neutral position regarding the conflict.

He said Morocco’s neutral position seeks only to help Libyans enjoy their fundamental rights and defend the sovereignty of the Libyan state.

The minister also condemned international and military interference, saying that the flow of arms into the region is fuelling the conflict.

He said foreign interference also constitutes a threat to the security of “the entire Sahelo-Maghrebian region.”

“Morocco stood and will stand by the Libyan people to help them regain their stability, progress and well-being,” Bourita stressed.

The Moroccan initiative in Bouznika received applause from the international community, which expressed support for talks between the parties of the conflict to find a solution.