Morocco Introduces New Generation of Residence Permits for Foreigners

The upgraded identification document includes a series of new security features, including a PIN code.

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Morocco’s General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) has launched a new generation of residence permits for foreigners living in Morocco.

The new identification documents aim to simplify administrative procedures and adapt to the ongoing digital transition of the Moroccan administration, said a press release from DGSN.

The new generation of residence permits are set to replace the old identification documents provided to foreign nationals living in Morocco, as well as the movement permit given to minors.

All foreigners will now have similar residence permits, regardless of their age, which would allow them to identify themselves in a “safe and secure” manner during their stay in Morocco.

DGSN equipped the updated identification documents with several security functions, in accordance with international standards. The features seek to prevent their falsification and misuse.

One of the new security features of the residence permits is a PIN code given exclusively to the document’s holder to protect the document from being misused in the case of loss or theft.

Despite the new functions, the documents required to obtain a residence permit remain unchanged, as defined in Morocco’s Official Bulletin No. 6927, published on October 19.

The documents include copies of the passport’s identification page and the page showing the applicant’s entry date to Morocco. The requirements also include two copies of the application form, six identity photos, a copy of the criminal record, a medical certificate, a document showing the foreigner’s motive to stay in Morocco, and proof of income.

The new generation of residence permits is part of a campaign DGSN launched to upgrade identification documents in Morocco and adapt them to new digital tools used in administrations.

In June, DGSN introduced a new generation of national electronic identity cards (CNIE). The cards boasted similar features to the new residence permits, with a focus on security and anti-fraud functions.

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