Morocco Ranks Second in Arab Mathematical Olympiad

Morocco Ranks Second in Arab Mathematical Olympiad

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Rabat – Moroccan students have ranked second in the second edition of the Arab Mathematical Olympiad held on December 25-26. 

According to a statement from Morocco’s National Education Ministry, the Olympiad was held online under the supervision of Arab league Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO). 

10 Arab countries, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Mauritania, Palestine, Algeria, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, took part in the popular contest.

Morocco ranked second with 1 gold, 2 silver, and 1 bronze medal. Morocco’s Aya Akerjout, who represented the regional Academy of Beni Mellal-Khenifra, scored an impressive 40/40, earning a Gold medal and winning a much-coveted first place. 

Aya Akerjout had already won a continental medal in Maths in September, noted the statement from Morocco’s education ministry.

Mouad El Mouatassim, from Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima and Mohamed Ayoub Mabtol from Fez-Meknes, won 2 Silver medals. Whereas Ayman Moutie from Rabat-Sale-Kenitra won a Bronze medal. 

Said Amzazi, Morocco’s Minister of National Education, expressed his pride and gratitude to the distinguished Moroccan students for their impressive accomplishment. He also thanked their parents, teachers, and supervisors for inspiring and supporting them.

“This is such a moment of pride for our national education system,” said the ministry’s statement.

Tunisia ranked 3rd after Morocco, claiming 1 gold, silver, and bronze medals. While Jordan, Lebanon, Algeria, and Iraq take the last place with 2 bronze medals each.