Morocco Still Struggling to Reduce COVID-19 Reproduction Rate Below 1

Two weeks ago, the Ministry of Health put an optimistic objective of reducing the rate below 0.7. The ministry’s latest update, however, adjusted the objective to 1.0.

The average COVID-19 reproduction rate in Morocco currently stands at around 1.08. It exceeds 1.0 in 10 Moroccan regions. The Ministry of Health aims to reduce the rate below 1.0 in all regions.

Abdelkrim Meziane Belfkih, the head of the outpatient illnesses division at the Ministry of Health, shared the figures on Tuesday, in a bi-monthly report about the epidemiological situation in the country. The report covered the domestic COVID-19 evolution between October 13 and October 26.

The Ministry of Health’s objective to reduce the COVID-19 reproduction rate below 1.0 is less optimistic than the goal announced in the previous bi-monthly report. On October 13, Belfkih announced that the ministry hopes to reduce the national reproduction rate below 0.7.

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“All regions of the Kingdom are deploying efforts and take measures to reduce this rate to less than 1.0,” Belfkih said on Tuesday.

Reviewing the number of cases recorded in the past two weeks, he highlighted that Morocco confirmed a record number of COVID-19 cases that exceeded 4,000 in 24 hours. On October 22, the country recorded 4,151 new COVID-19 cases.

The country also recorded 73 deaths in 24 hours on October 23, the highest number of daily fatalities so far.

As of October 26, total confirmed COVID-19 cases in Morocco stood at 199,745. The figure represents 550 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Meanwhile, the number of recoveries and deaths stood at 165,922 and 3,373, respectively. The numbers translate to a national recovery rate of 83.1% and a fatality rate of 1.7%.

The figures make Morocco the 32nd country worldwide by the number of confirmed cases, down from the 30th position two weeks earlier. In terms of coronavirus-related deaths, Morocco remains 36th worldwide.

In Africa, Morocco is still second in the number of COVID-19 cases, behind South Africa, and third in fatalities, behind South Africa and Egypt.