Morocco Thwarts 1 Tonne Cannabis Smuggling Operation Near Fez

The driver and passenger of the vehicle carrying drugs fled the scene.

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Morocco’s General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) in cooperation with the General Directorate of Territorial Surveillance (DGST) aborted a smuggling operation of one tonne of cannabis resin on the outskirts of Fez on Monday afternoon, DGSN said in a press release.

Fez police intercepted a vehicle on the road to Guercif. The driver and passenger left the car and fled leaving it on a rugged landscape after they knew police were chasing them.

Security services seized 40 packages of cannabis resin that weigh one tonne in total from the vehicle after conducting an inspection. 

Investigations are ongoing under the supervision of the public prosecution office in order to identify and arrest the perpetrators and track the possible national or international extensions of the crime.

Operations to curb the smuggling of cannabis and other drugs are common in Morocco, involving various branches of the country’s security services.

DGSN said that it stopped on Saturday the smuggling of 650 kilograms of cannabis resin from the Tangier port in northern Morocco. Smugglers had concealed it in a car bound for France.

Security services found during an inspection that another vehicle at the port was carrying 95 kilograms of the same drug.

DGSN said security services arrested the drivers of the two vehicles immediately and are holding them in police custody for further investigation.

Morocco has not yet released official statistics regarding seized drugs this year. However, statistics from DGSN show that security units’ operations enabled the police to seize 179,657 tonnes of cannabis and its derivatives in 2019.

The number represents an increase of more than 128 tonnes compared to the previous year.

Police also seized harder drugs, including 542,455 kilograms of cocaine, 7,196 kilograms of heroin, and 1,407,451 psychotropic tablets, including 974,983 ecstasy tablets imported from Europe.