Morocco to Launch Notary Services for Diaspora in UAE

Morocco to Launch Notary Services for Diaspora in UAE

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Rabat – The Embassy of Morocco in the UAE is set to launch a registration program for adoul (notaries) services for Morocco’s diaspora in the gulf country starting January 4.

A statement from the embassy said that a judge of the Superior Council of the Judicial Power as well as two adouls will be tasked with carrying out the operation.

The move is in line with “high instructions” from King Mohammed VI, the embassy said, lauding the monarch’s efforts to make the concerns of the Moroccan diaspora one of his “top priorities.”.

“The operation also comes in response to requests made by Moroccans living in the United Arab Emirates,” the embassy added.

The notary services will concern,among others, the sale and purchase of real estate. 

Adouls can perform several tasks. These include drawing contracts, including marriage and divorce settlements; making certification; approving wills or testaments; and adjudicating inheritance.

The embassy promised to remain at the disposal of the Moroccan diaspora established in the UAE for any questions and concerns regarding this operation and other services. It

Morocco has a sizable number of skilled workers living across the world. Morocco’s government estimates the number over five million.

With Morocco determined to devise and implement a new, more fitting “development model” for its current socio-political and economic realities, the country’s officials have in recent years repeatedly emphasized Moroccan expatriates’ essential contribution to Morocco’s GDP.

Money transfers from Moroccan diaspora stood at MAD 65.8 billion or $7.35 billion in 2020 despite COVID-19 crisis.

Meanwhile, Morocco’s central bank, Bank Al-Maghrib, expects remittances from the expats to reach MAD 70 billion or $7.8 billion in 2021. The bank forecasts transfers to increase in 2022 to $7.97 billion.