Algerian TV Controversy for Plagiarizing Moroccan TV Shows


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Rabat – Algerian television channel El Fadjer has sparked controversy for airing a plagiarized television series, of which the concept seems identical to the popular Moroccan series, “Hdidan” and “Ramana O Bartal.”

During the holy month of Ramadan, the Algerian television channel aired “Bousandok,” covering identical concepts depicted in well-known Moroccan television shows.

One Moroccan show is about the story of Hdidan, a trickster who causes trouble but manages to overcome all challenges and punishments he faces, as part of his playful lifestyle.

The second show is based on Moroccan folklore, Ramana O Bartal.  It is a story of a smart woman who uses clever ideas, trickiness, and wisdom to overcome every obstacle she faces.

The Algerian TV series is facing uproar for plagiarizing the same concepts, characters, and theme song of one of the Moroccan shows, and somehow the mise-en-scene.

Initially, El Fadjer TV posted a brief statement on its Facebook page to announce that it will suspend the airing of “Bou Sendok.” 

The television channel admitted that the director of the Algerian series plagiarized the Moroccan television series Hdidan and theme song of Ramana o Bartal.

“The Algeria’s El Fadjer TV apologizes to the Moroccan people,” the television channel said in its apology before removing the apology post.

Moroccan internet users, however, were stunned after the television channel deleted the post without further clarification.

Some Moroccans took the screenshot of the post and shared it on social networks, while others have called for a clarification why the channel would delete the statement after it apologized for the plagiarized work.