Belgian-Moroccan Farida Tahar Becomes Leader of ‘Ecolo Group’ in Belgium’s Parliament


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Rabat – Moroccan-Belgian MP Farida Tahar has become the leader of Belgian political party “Ecolo” at the French-speaking parliament in Brussels.

The MP, who is also a human rights activist expressed satisfaction with the appointment in a Facebook post on Friday.

“Honored by the broad support of my Ecolo colleagues to bring the group’s voice to the French-speaking Brussels Parliament and defend the interests of all Brussels residents,” she said.

She added that she appreciates the “responsibilities of such a function.”

“I am determined to rise to the challenge with colleagues who are competent, dynamic and committed to political ecology and social justice.”

The MP is an avowed feminist and a former union representative in public servics. 

An ardent anti-racist activist,she is also  passionate about art and culture, according to a biography on the MP published by Belgium’s Francophone parliament in Brussels.

The MP served in several political mandates in Belgium, including senator and an administrator of the fight against social exclusion.

Prior to her political ascension, Tahar also served as the administrator of Molenbeek Social Real Estate Agency.