CNN: Morocco’s Startup Culture an ‘Emerging Economic Force’


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Rabat – Morocco is making its mark on the international stage as its pandemic recovery efforts continue to receive attention, with US news agency CNN running a story on Morocco’s rapidly emerging startup ecosystem.

“It’s a bustling modern day metropolis, a port city that serves as Morocco’s economic centre,” opened the segment, calling Casablanca a “business powerhouse” and “a place where some of the worlds biggest corporations have set up shop.”

But more importantly, “these days, smaller players are making their move as well.”

One of CNN International’s longest running shows, Inside Africa, highlighted Morocco’s startup success stories, both from local entrepreneurs as well as those who have expanded their business from abroad.

One such exemplary individual was “Cassablanca’s Mehdi Allaoui,” who “knows a thing or two about winning,” the CNN host said, before listing the entrepreneur’s achievements.

“Our aim is to see our country in the future as a startup nation,” Allaoui told CNN.

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His vision is steadily becoming a reality.

Reflecting Morocco’s innovative spirit, last year, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University near Marrakech collaborated with global innovation platform Plug and Play Tech Center to create Africa’s first “Plug and Play” office.

The plug and play office, which Morocco’s OCP Group sponsors, has facilities equipped with advanced technology where entrepreneurs and startups can immediately get to work, without any prior setup.

For the supply to meet demand, the government is involved in launching Morocco’s fourth technopark to help develop the country’s startup culture. The Agadir Technopark will have a total area of 10,000 square meters, and a capacity for 80 companies including dedicated spaces for conferences.

With the aim to help young entrepreneurs by providing cheap rent for ready-to-use premises, support, and training, this kind of forward-thinking effort is what shows the world that Morocco is eager to develop its human capital.