COVID-19: Moroccans Must ‘Adhere to Safety Measures’ Due to UK Strain


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Rabat – Allowing for optimism in the time of COVID-19, Moroccan Professor Azeddine Ibrahimi warns the general public to remain vigilant in respecting Morocco’s containment measures. 

Ibrahimi, who serves as the director of the biotechnology laboratory of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy in Rabat, maintains that “We must balance between two feelings,” namely, not to fall in a “destructive panic, nor too much optimism and laxity.” But despite the “uncertainty,” the professor believes that “we are still on the right path.”

Professor Ibrahimi lauded the early vaccination of Morocco’s elderly, noting the “positive role” in changing the country’s epidemiological characteristics. The professor also pointed out that the number of recoveries and deaths remains “almost stable.”

Rabat’s Biotechnology Laboratory has undertaken the job to develop a genomic vigilance plan that would help track the evolution of the virus as well as the impact on Morocco’s epidemiological situation. Ibrahimi’s laboratory published a study analyzing more than 250 genomes of COVID-19, which will help identify the genomic characteristics of the British variant of COVID-19 in Morocco.

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The professor stresses the importance of paying attention to the British variant, considering that “all global simulations have confirmed [the British strain] will take the dynasty strains place by May.” Knowing that it is already present in Morocco, the professor poses the question: how many people in Morocco have actually been infected by the new variant?

Considering its prevalence, the professor also warns that any decisions made by the Moroccan authorities, must “take into account that the dominant strain is the British,” which is spreading faster than the previous variants of COVID-19.

All things considered, Ibrahimi warns the Moroccan populace that disregard for the safety measure will “inevitably” lead to another outbreak, whether of the “rapid” spread of the British variant, or worse yet, the emergence of local strains.