Football Player Denounces Moroccan Motorway Company’s ‘Indifference’


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Rabat – Moroccan football player Yassine Salhi has denounced the alleged unprofessionalism of the National Company of Motorways of Morocco (ADM), after a toll gate broke his car’s windshield when passing through the Mohammedia toll station.

In a video widely shared on social media platforms in the last 24 hours, Yassine Salhi said that ADM responded to his complaint — that the toll infrastructure was faulty — with indifference, refusing to file a damage report that would allow him to seek damages reimbursement from his insurance company.

Salhi explained that the gate dropped on his car after his Jawaz device was detected. 

Shortly after the video made headlines, ADM published a clarification statement refuting Yassine Salhi’s claims that it refused to cooperate with him to file a damage report. The company also highlighted that his failure to respect the speed limit, set at 20 kilometers per hour, was the reason behind the accident.

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The motorways company said that it holds itself clear of any legal responsibility in the event of non-respect for the speed limit and, thus, is not concerned by filing an insurance damage report with the client.

Concluding its statement, ADM informed its clients that “all its equipment meet international norms and standards to guarantee a safe passage from toll lanes.”

Highway users’ dismay with ADM

Numerous motorists using highways have condemned ADM for the inconvenience they face at toll gates, especially in major cities. 

Highway users who do not have a Jawaz device often experience a delay, caused by the long lines in which they must wait. To force motorists to buy the Jawaz device, critics have claimed, ADM resorted to the “unethical” practice of reducing the number of toll gates dedicated for cash payment against an increase in Jawaz’s toll gates. 

The move has caused public frustration as motorists opt for the highway for expedited travel.

Jawaz is a device allowing wireless and instant passage through specific toll gates.