Former Egypt’s Grand Mufti: Alcohol, Cannabis Do Not Invalidate Ramadan


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Rabat – Egyptian Islamic scholar Ali Gomaa sparked controversy after claiming that drinking alcohol and smoking cannabis at night during Ramadan does not void the fast.

On his Facebook, Gomaa posted a video to answer questions regarding fasting during Ramadan.

A woman asked the former grand mufti whether smoking cannabis after Iftar invalidates her husband’s fast.

He said that Ramadan has several pillars, the intention to fast, refraining from eating during the day, and abstinence from sexual relations.

He then claimed that drinking alcohol and smoking cannabis are forbidden but “do not invalidate” fasting.

In another video, that CBC aired recently Gomaa said cigarettes do not invalidate wudu (purity), one of the major rituals in Islam.

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He claimed that cigarettes, hashish (cannabis), opium, and others are pure but not “forbidden.”

In Islam, alcohol and other intoxicants are forbidden. 

This is not the first time the former mufti has sparked controversy and uproar.

In 2015, he attacked women who do not wear Hijab, calling them stupid and ignorant.

“They think they know everything but they don’t,” he claimed.

He also described women who choose not to wear Hijab as “sinners.”

Jumaah was appointed the grand mufti in Egypt from 2003 until 2013.