French-Algerian Actor Humiliates Moroccan Women, Children in Video


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Rabat – In a viral video shared on Saturday, French-Algerian actor Brahim Bouhlel and other media personalities slandered Moroccan women and children in the guise of humor. Moroccans are calling for legal action to be taken against the comedy trio.

The video depicts Bouhlel and two others, Hedi Bouchenafa and social media influencer Zbarbooking, commenting on how easy it is to pay Moroccan women for sexual acts. Bouhlel says, “what I like here is all the p**** that I pay just 100 DH for” after boasting how he uses bundles of money to physically assault those that disrespect him.

Shortly thereafter, underprivileged children approach the men asking for money and are met with aggressive name-calling and disrespect. Bouhlel addresses them as “sons of b******” before inviting the children to their table to insult them further in French. 

Not only do the French-Algerian actors feature the children in their video without parental consent, but Moroccan-born Zbarbooking is seen repeatedly manhandling the visibly uncomfortable children and forcing them to gesture to the camera. 

Although the video is just under two minutes long, the public outrage is overwhelming. The Moroccan Lawyers Club posted on Facebook that it “intends to ask the public authorities to take administrative measures so that these people are subject to a ban on entering Moroccan territory for breach of public order.”

Other entities like Adidas Paris and French-Moroccan Rapper Niro, announced that they would end collaboration with Bouhlel after the video. 

Niro stated, “I like you guys but don’t be clumsy even if it’s just a joke” adding that Moroccan society already has issues and this style of comedy further takes from the dignity of the Moroccan people. 

Bouhlel, Bouchenafa, and Zbarbooking took to Instagram, posting public apologies. Bouhlel admitted to being the main perpetrator in the video but claimed to be under the influence of alcohol and drugs. 

All three expressed their love and respect for the kingdom and its citizens in the apology posts but many are calling for their banishment from Morocco.