French Embassy Announces Continued ‘Special’ Morocco-France Flights


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Rabat – Following Morocco’s suspension of flights to France from March 31, the French embassy in Morocco announced today the continuation of select “special” flights.

Posted on the embassy’s Facebook page, the notice reads that “Some special flights continue, for the moment, to operate in the direction Morocco-France from several cities of the kingdom, on authorization, on a case by case basis and often at very short notice, of the Moroccan authorities.”

For more specific information the embassy asks those concerned to inquire with the appropriate airlines such as Transavia and Air France. Furthermore, the embassy and the consulates “strongly recommend” that people wishing to return to France make haste with their bookings.

Earlier, Royal Air Maroc announced that any passengers traveling from France to Morocco, before the flight suspension took place, could make the trip without a prior PCR test. Despite the previously relaxed measure, the French embassy notes that in order to return to France, “the presentation of a PCR test, performed less than 72 hours before departure and concluding to the absence of COVID-19 contamination, remains mandatory.”

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Morocco has now suspended flights with a total of 39 countries, including France. 

The suspension has seen connections severed with Mali, Ghana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea-Conakry, Libya, Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Cameroon, Croatia, Mozambique, Poland, Norway, Finland, Greece, Lebanon, Kuwait, Algeria, and Egypt.

Also concerned are Italy, Belgium, Turkey, Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Australia, Ireland, Brazil, New Zealand, the UK, South Africa, and Denmark.

Amid the flight suspensions, France and Spain are two countries that are actively facilitating the repatriation of their citizens. This is likely owing to Morocco’s popularity with Spaniards and the French, as well as to the presence of a large Moroccan diaspora in the European countries.