French Embassy Announces Repatriation Ferry From Morocco


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Rabat – The French embassy in Morocco has announced another repatriation ferry for May 8.

The La Meridionale ferry will depart on Saturday evening, from Tanger Med port, for Marseille, France, the embassy announced on their Facebook page. While the embassy has not yet announced the specific departure and arrival times yet, the ferry is expected to arrive in Marseille on Monday morning, May 10. 

The French embassy notes that the crossing is still “subject to obtaining the agreement of the Moroccan authorities.”

The French embassy urges those wishing to take the ferry to France to fill in the form they have provided for the occasion as soon as possible. The embassy also notes that “One registration is required per vehicle and per person. Any registration made outside of this form or with incorrect information will not be considered.” 

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Once the ferry receives the green light from the appropriate authorities, the shipping company will reach out to those who have registered for repatriation so they can start purchasing their tickets. The embassy also warns that since places on the ferry are limited, some who have registered might not make it on this crossing. 

The embassy also reminds that “special flights and crossings only operate in the Morocco-France direction,” and that in case of leaving the country, “people residing in Morocco will no longer be able to return.” 

The French authorities already organized one repatriation ferry that left Morocco on April 24.

Morocco’s government suspended flights with France on March 31, as part of the country’s preventive measures to limit the spread of COVID-19. Morocco currently has in force flight suspensions with 54 countries. India was the most recent country that was affected by the flight suspensions

Recently, Spain, Turkey, and Tunisia have also made efforts to repatriate their nationals who have been stranded in Morocco. Turkey and Tunisia repatriated their nationals by air, while Spain has used both special flights and chartered ferries to repatriate Spaniards and other residents of Spain.