Germany Arrest Man for Attacking Teenage Refugee


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Rabat – Police in Germany arrested a 39-year-old German man for a racist attack against a teenage Syrian refugee.

Footage has gone viral showing the attacker insulting the teenager and spitting at him repeatedly in the tram.

The man appeared in a video standing in front of the seated minor, spitting at him and insulting him in German.

A translation offered by an Arab YouTube channel, shows the man telling the minor “to go back to where he came from.”

“Look at me when I am talking to you. You are a stupid man,” the perpetrator said as the minor attempted to avoid him.

The man then started kicking the minor in the face with no one intervening.

The video has been widely shared among internet users across the world, who unanimously condemned the attack.

Arab News said that the attack took place in the eastern city of Erfurt.

The news outlet reported on Monday that police arrested the suspect, with local authorities describing the incident as “simply disgusting.”

Several reports suggest a notable increase in racism in Germany.

German news outlet DW said that NGOs have warned against racial discrimination in recent years

The news outlet quoted statistics from the 2019 annual report from the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency (ADS), which show that the number of similar cases reported increased by almost 10% to 1,176.

The number represents 33% of the cases that the agency tackled.

The news outlet  quoted Bernhard Franke, the acting head of the anti-discrimination agency, who said Germany has “an ongoing problem with racial discrimination.”

The activist said the country does not give “enough consistent legal support to victims.”