HCP: 44% of Moroccan Men Are Victims of Violence in Public Spaces


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Rabat – A new report by Morocco’s High Commission for Planning (HCP) shows how violence is commonplace across Morocco, with 44% of Moroccans said to have experienced different forms of violence in  their daily dealings. 

HCP carried out the study in 2019 to shed light on the preponderance of violence across Morocco. It interviewed 3,000 men aged from 15 to 74 years, exploring how often they had been violently treated in the public space, the professional setting, or at home.

The rate of extra-marital relationships’ violence, among single men who have/had a fiancee or an intimate partner, reaches 54%, compared to 28% among married men

The study also shows that 12% of men suffered from violence perpetrated by one family member besides their spouses, 10% suffered violence in public spaces, 16% while exercising professional activities, and 12% in academic settings.

Of the men HCP interviewed, 37% said they had experienced psychological violence, 11% invoked physical violence, 2% spoke of sexual violence, and 1% complained about economic violence.

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In terms of “psychological violence,” 23% of the men explained that the violence takes the form of anger and jealousy of their partner when “their men are speaking to other women;” 

Meanwhile, 32% attributed  it to a spouse who forcefully imposes “her way of managing the house,” while 31% attributed it to a spouse’s “exaggerated insistence on knowing where her man is.”  

One stark, slightly shocking, revelation is that 75% of men “suffered” after their partners refused to speak with them for several days.

The study also shows that the place of residency has a significant bearing on the level of violence men experience. 

About 33% of those living in urban areas are said to have suffered some form of violence in the past twelve months. 

That figure is slightly lower in rural settings, where only 27% of men said they experienced violence in public space or at the hand of their romantic partners or family members. 

In terms of violence in the family context, 12% of the participants said they were victims of a violent act perpetrated by one of the family members; 9% of them had experienced psychological violence, and 3% suffered physical violence. 

For most young men (52%), fathers are the most likely to exercise violence on them.

Violence in the workplace and academic contexts

At the workplace, 16% of men had experienced at least one act of violence during the past year. 

Managers exercised violence on male employees by 43%, colleagues by 40%, other people visiting the workplace regularly (customers and suppliers) by 52%.

Almost all acts of violence experienced at the workplace are of psychological nature.

According to HCP, 12% of male pupils and students had suffered at least one act of violence in educational and training establishments. 

Meanwhile, students in rural areas are reported to be more exposed to school violence than their peers in cities. The figure is 19% in rural schools, compared to 10% in urban areas.

Source: moroccoworldnews.com