Humanitarian Mine Action 2021: Morocco, US Boost Military Cooperation


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Rabat – Members of US and Moroccan military forces participated in Humanitarian Mine Action (HMA), Morocco 2021.

Commenting on the joint military exercise, the US embassy stated that it aims to train the Moroccan Armed Forces (FAR) on “detecting explosive devices while strengthening our strategic relationship and regional stability.”

Both US Marines and US Navy service members trained alongside FAR officers and soldiers. 

AFRICOM oversaw the development of the HMA curriculum in accordance with NATO regulations for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD).

Morocco hopes to achieve level two validation for EOD in its armed forces. The exercise consisted of class room training and hands-on field work with explosives. 

Images shared by the US Embassy depict members of both armed forces learning how to safely excavate for landmines. 

Other images show officers discussing “methodology and techniques used to mitigate explosive hazards in consideration of IMAS and NATO Standardized Agreements,” the US State Department noted.

In December 2020, the US launched a global initiative to “support humanitarian mine action (HMA), physical security and stockpile management (PSSM), and [other] associated activities in over 100 countries since 1993.” 

Titled “To Walk the Earth in Safety,” the initiative provided over $4 billion to countries around the globe. 

Africa has accounted for 12.68% of the funding since 1993.

Morocco continues to be a high-value US military ally and both countries eagerly await the next large military exercise, Operation African Lion, set to take place in June 2021.