Hybrid Mercedes Benz Come to Morocco


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Rabat – Auto Nejma, the Moroccan importer and distributor of Mercedes Benz, is the latest of Moroccan companies to join the ranks of electric and hybrid vehicle providers.

As part of Auto Nemja’s range, the Mercedes distributor now also offers five new plug-in hybrid models. They are the E-Class, the GLC, the GLC Coupe, the GLE and the GLE Coupe.

For comparison, in Morocco, the classic Mercedes GLC diesel costs anywhere between $53,200 (MAD 475,000) and $85,100 (MAD 760,000). Meanwhile, its hybrid counterpart costs significantly more, priced anywhere between $68,800 (MAD 615,000) and $98,400 (MAD 870,000).

The company’s electrification strategy will see it begin selling only electric and hybrid vehicles by next year, while also aiming to achieve carbon neutrality by 2039.

Hybrid vehicles hold several advantages, among them the fact that they use less fuel and produce less CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the ability to switch between electricity and fuel allows the car to drive on electricity in urban environments, without wasting fuel, while also serving as a reliable vehicle in cross-country journeys.

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The hybrid vehicles can be charged either at home, from a typical electric supply, or one of approximately 60 electric charging stations in Morocco.

Auto Nejma is also the Morroccan distributor of the South Korean vehicles manufactured by SsangYong Motor, and the Indian vehicles manufactured by Mahindra. 

In October 2020, Auto Nejma made news headlines in Morocco, as police arrested six employees at the company’s dealership in Rabat for allegedly stealing parts from clients’ cars. Once replaced with cheaper spares, the original stolen parts were then sold on the black market.

The sole distributor of the luxurious Mercedes-Benz brand in Morocco, counts among its clients prominent Moroccan businesspeople, as well as government bodies and foreign diplomatic missions.

Source: moroccoworldnews.com